Young members

London is buzzing with ideas, innovation and energy.

Our Young Members have exclusive access to our Young Ambassadors – a group of Londoners working on some of the most forward-thinking and pioneering initiatives in the city. Each month, a different ambassador will lead a specially curated event, providing a unique window onto their area of interest, against the backdrop of the museum’s collection. All membership levels are invited to join these events, creating animated discussions around some of the most pertinent issues London faces today, and exchanging expertise and learning.

Our Young Ambassadors include:

  • Bernadine Bröcker Wieder, Co-founder & CEO, Vastari
  • Tim Campbell MBE, Founder, Bright Ideas Trust
  • Daniel Harris, Founder, The London Cloth Co.
  • Nick Hayward & Lawrence Kao, Co-founders, The Narrative Digital Studios
  • Arthur Kay, Founder & CEO, Skyroom
  • William McQuillan, Partner, Frontline Ventures
  • Annie Ross, Founder, eXerk
  • Marine Tanguy, Founder, MTArt
  • Benjamin Yeoh, Senior Portfolio Manager, RBC

From Young Members to Luminaries, all Society of Londoners members are invited to contribute to conversations about topics both within and without the museum walls. We want our members to feel truly invested in everything that the Museum of London represents, and to witness the impact of their support, both philanthropic and personal.

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